sexta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2013

Fire in Serra do Caramulo causes deadly victim

Since the night of Tuesday the flames licking at the Caramulo region in Northern Portugal.

This farm-feiraas fire would kill a young firefighter of 22 years of age. It is the third deadly victim registered this month.

Nine other peacekeepers with injuries having been evacuated.

Combating flames there on three fronts and involves approximately 300 elements. In addition to the terrestrial mediums are also involved several air media, among them two French planes.

Throughout the national territory, were on Thursday evening 17 outbreaks of fire involving more than a thousand firefighters and dozens of vehicles.

The most severe outbreaks are located north and centre of the country, respectively in the region of Vila Real and da Serra do Caramulo.

According to the Institute of nature conservation and forestry, this year have burned 31 thousand hectares of forest in Portugal.

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